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We need your help!

The county is now accepting your feedback VIA EMAIL!!  Until now, a person either had to attend in Council or attend a Public House to have their opinions/feedback accepted by the County and included in Public Hearings or permit applications.

It has been brought to our attention that a number of people who are OPPOSED to the operation of the SGGC and failed to attend our Open House have emailed the County advising they were not comfortable attending but that they want their feedback included with our development permit application and at the Public Hearing on Sept 12/17.

Since we are now aware that the County will accept feedback via email we encourage EVERYONE to copy the text below and send TWO SEPARATE emails it to the County (it’s important that these two emails be sent SEPERATELY as they are separate issues).

You don’t need to live in the County to provide your feedback.  If you support this Club – please send take a couple minutes and send these emails:

FIRST (most urgent)
Public Hearing on September 12th Regarding Land Use Amendment.

TO: flong@parklandcounty.com

Re: September 12 2017 Public Hearing Land Use Bylaw Amendment

I want to see the SGGC operate.  It is a safe, educational, family oriented facility. It provides many benefits to the people in Parkland County and surrounding communities.  Please include my opinion for the Public Hearing regarding the Land Use Bylaw Amendment on September 12, 2017.


SGGC Development Permit Application

TO: flong@parklandcounty.com

Re: SGGC Development Permit Application

I want to see the SGGC operate.  It is a safe, educational, family oriented facility. It provides many benefits to the people in Parkland County and surrounding communities.  Please include my opinion with the SGGC’s Development Permit Application.



Posted June 11 2017

Dear Parkland County Residents and SGGC Supporters

Today Greg Zederayko
​addressed Parkland County Council, representing the many residents who chose to invest in the county and chose to live close to the Spruce Grove Gun Club.
He told council that the voice of county residents who invested in Parkland County because of the gun club should at least have an equal voice to the handful of residents who have expressed concerns about the club.
Many of these residents who are members and bought property in the county were drawn to the club because of its high safety standards, which exceed federal regulations. Now, they face losing the safest place to shoot in Parkland County and the reason they invested in the county in the first place.
Greg encouraged council to table the proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment that would prevent gun ranges from operating in areas zoned for residential development until after the election.
The future of the gun club is an important election issue that should be informed by the facts, not unproven and untrue allegations.
We want to let you know that there is great value communicating directly to the county that there are a significant number of county residents who are members of the SGGC, who specifically chose to purchase their homes in Parkland County and to be close to the gun range so they would have convenient access to our range.
Are you a resident of Parkland County and have you been affected as Greg described to Council today?  If you are, please reply to this email, and let us know if you will allow the SGGC to use your information as we work together with the County to get your range re-opened.  It’s time your voices are heard.
Thank you,



On April 25th Mayor Rod Shagic put forth a motion which will direct administration to prepare an amendment to a land use bylaw that would EXCLUDE “outdoor gun ranges” from the definition of “outdoor participation recreation and services”.  The article the motion would be brought forward for debate on May 9th.

SGGC organized a call out to hundreds of members who are residents of the Parkland County and we want to thank so many of you who made the time to attend the Public Discussion Period at County Council Chambers on May 9th to show your support for the CONTINUED use of outdoor gun ranges in Parkland County.   We filled their Chambers with our supporters and many people had to watch from the lobby via CCTV.

SGGC, together with the Wabamun Gun Club and Stony Plain Fish & Game prepared and delivered statements to the Mayor and Council at the Public Discussion Period (30 minute period before the Council meeting started) asking them to vote AGAINST this proposed amendment.

We want them to know that Parkland County residents both WANT AND NEED a safe, educational and recreational place to enjoy our sport.  Banning outdoor gun ranges is NOT the way to advocate for safety.

We were informed that this proposed amendment will be brought forward again.  Likely in June/July, followed by public discussion hearings, and again around September.

We need all County Residents to know THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR.  Please – Make sure your Councillors know that this is a required use in the county.

We will be following this matter very closely and provide updates as they become available.