Parkland County’s Open House to discuss the future of Outdoor Gun Ranges in the county. June 12, 2017

What’s Happening

It’s time to make your voices heard at Parkland County’s Open House to discuss the future of Outdoor Gun Ranges in the county. June 12, 2017

Parkland County is STILL working to amend a land use bylaw to specifically exclude “outdoor gun ranges from Country Residential Lands”.  This will prohibit the SGGC from re-opening.
The County announced they will be hosting an Open House on Thursday June 15 from 4:30-8:00 at Parkland County Centre (Highway 779 just north of Stony Plain).  They want to hear from you! Please consider attending.  A few minutes of your time could save our range. You do not need to be a member of our Club or a Resident to let the County know your Opinion. If you cannot attend call a Councilor at 780 968 8888. Or write a letter.
Let them know you want a safe, educational place to enjoy sport shooting and that you want SGGC to re-open.


On Tuesday, July 11 th at 9:00am at the County office, this bylaw amendment will be presented for its First reading in Council Chambers.  We’re encouraging anyone
who can – to please attend.  There will be a public discussion period at the start of the Council meeting.  You may speak directly to council there!
We understand people are busy and might not have the time to attend these events – so we are asking you to please consider calling the County (780-968- 8888) or
sending an email in support of outdoor gun ranges.
The bylaw amendment will likely continue throughout the summer and it’s IMPERATIVE that we all show a very strong, loud and firm stance that we WANT AND NEED a safe place to sport shoot. Now is the time for action.
We have template letters on our website if you need help composing something. Thank you for your time and your continued support.

Court Update from February 3, 2016

Today the Alberta Court of Appeals denied the Spruce Grove Gun Club the right to appeal the Parkland County Subdivision Development Appeal Board’s decision to rescind approval of the Club’s Development Permit to operate its outdoor shooting range.

“We’re disappointed but we always knew it’s difficult to appeal decisions made at the County level,” said Club President Rob Hall. “the rules make it hard to overturn these types of decisions.”

The Club continues its fight to have the range re-opened. The SGGC will now consider remaining legal options to either get the range open again or have the County pay for a new range. At the same time, the SGGC is very interested in continuing to work with the County to find a mutually agreeable way to re-open the range.

“The issue is really about fairness,” said Hall. “The County decided it was okay to develop residential homes within hearing proximity of the shooting range and our neighbours bought their homes knowing the range was there. There are no noise or safety issues with the range – the County has acknowledged that. But the range is still shut down.”

To support the SGGC, please write your local County Councillor and let them know what you think of the County’s decision. Full contact information is available here.

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